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Ice Cream Milkshake Strawberry

Strawberry ice cream shake

I know your thoughts are racing around Shake Shack,  but wait, it’s an ice cream milkshake strawberry, instead home made ice cream strawberry milkshake. It’s a fast and easy sweet treat made using minimal ingredients. But I still miss having ice cream near me. Inshallah, one day I’ll create rolled ice cream as well.

Everyone should be able to prepare a delectable strawberry milkshake! It’s really simple! You just need a few ingredients and a blender to produce the ultimate summer cool-off delight.

On a hot day, nothing beats a milkshake! Strawberry is one of my favourites, along with my banana milkshake and chocolate milkshake. Let’s get started by learning how to prepare a milkshake.

Strawberry milkshake ingredients: 

🍓 Strawberries 1 Cup

🍓 Sugar ½ Cup

🍓 Omore Ice-Cream 1 Pack

🍓 Milk 2 Cup

🍓 Ice Cubes 6-7

How to Make an Ice Cream Shake:

  • We should have a cup of strawberries sliced into little bits, and we’ll put them in a blender with 1/2 cup of sugar. Simply use 1 pack of strawberry ice cream, preferably Oreo Strawberry Ice Cream.

  • Pour 2 cups of simple milk and top with ice cubes.

  • That’s all blend it and your strawberry ice cream milkshake is ready. Oh my goodness!

  • In the hot summer months, serve it immediately and enjoy.

  • Some excellent quality ice cream will get you there, but add a little heavy cream (and perhaps some fresh strawberries) and you’ve got paradise.

  • Make sure you have a couple of strawberries on hand to garnish the glass!

What Milk Shake Variations Are Possible:

  • I added sugar and strawberries separately in the video, but I subsequently learned we may sprinkle sugar on strawberries and chill them in the refrigerator for approximately 10 minutes ahead of time so that the sugar can bring out the natural tastes of the strawberries.

  • Most people add heavy cream to make milkshakes thicker, but I did not use it in my recipe. Instead, I used extra milk, which made it a bit thicker, but heavy cream is always a variable.

  • When it comes to strawberry shakes, they become a topic of conversation, especially when vanilla ice cream is used instead of strawberry ice cream. Yes, you may use it, but honestly, it will quickly remove the strawberry flavor from the shake, so what’s the point? You may try, however, and share your opinions with me.

  • Someone inquired if straw berries might be prepared ahead of time and served afterwards. No, the finest flavour is at the highest level when it comes out of the blender, so serve it as soon as possible.

Finally, I’ll admit that the straw berries I used were a little white on the inside. I should have found completely prepared straw berries, which will undoubtedly make a significant difference in flavor.

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