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McDonalds Breakfast Wrap

McDonalds Breakfast Wrap also known as Egg N’ Hashbrowns Wrap

Today we are going to make a very special breakfast recipe just like McDonalds Breakfast Wrap. You can have this recipe any time of day but I will keep it as breakfast wrap. Because we must have eaten this in McDonalds somewhere.

I have lot of options of fast food near me but I observed it closely because I want to make this wrap at home one day which I managed to do Alhamdulillah.

DIY McDonalds Breakfast Wrap at home. We know sometimes you want McDonalds Breakfast Wrap but you do not want feel like going outside for any reason. So lets learn how to make and below are

Ingredients for Chicken Patty & Hash brown Wrap









Directions to make McDonalds Breakfast Wrap Step wise:

Making Wrap Bread:

Take a bowl and add 1 1/2 cup of wheat flour with a pinch of salt. Now add 2 Tsp of cooking oil.

Add water as required to make dough and start kneading dough. We must knead dough more so we get wrap bread thin and soft same time. Rest it for 30 minutes.

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Time to make wrap breads, as we need dry flour to make small wraps here. Please use rolling pin to make these wraps. No need to use oil pan because we already have oil in dough. Wrap bread is ready.

Other Elements:

Firstly we need to make simple scrambled egg by adding couple of eggs in pan and scramble them. you can add some cheese or spices here for taste but I opted for simple one. Once we can see egg apart in tiny pieces its good to go.

We have Chicken patty ready already if you want to see the recipe of Chicken Patty please follow link.

Also Hash browns are ready as well and if you want to learn how to make Hash Browns at home please following to recipe.

Assembling Breakfast Wrap

Place wrap bread which we made in our first step, then spread cream cheese on it and place scrambled egg, Chicken Patty and Hash Brown. Wrap it up and your break fast is ready.

It’s ready Alhamduillah.

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Photo by Explore with Taj

Photo by Explore with Taj