Featured image of post New Omelette Recipe Cheese Overloaded with Tomato

New Omelette Recipe Cheese Overloaded with Tomato

Omelette Recipe by Taste with Taj, with Cheese Overloaded and Tomatoes. This recipe is just a Pizza but quite simple It is one of the most delicious omelette recipes in town. To make a fluffy, flawless omelette. To prevent overcooking and ensure they are soft and supple, use these easy strategies. After you have mastered the fundamental technique, there are several ways to modify an omelette. Watch the video lesson to learn how easy it is to make homemade omelettes.

Ingredients for Yummy Omelette Recipe

Omelettes are the most often requested breakfast in our home, and we always have the ingredients on hand. They are as follows:

  • TOMATO 1

  • ONION ( Small Size ) 1

  • GREEN CHILIES ( Small Size ) 3

  • EGGs 3

  • SALT 3 Pinches

  • RED CHILI POWDER 3 Pinches

  • CHEESE As Required


This is an omelette recipe with cheese and tomatoes that I prefer for breakfast since it is simple and quick.

I’ve taught you how to make a cheese omelette step by step in an easy way. You may also make an egg scramble, a Spanish omelette, or a Mexican omelette. There is a long list of different omelette recipes.

We like to create recipes, particularly delectable ones. This is the simplest breakfast recipe and one of many quick no-bake recipes. Go to the kitchen and make some easy recipes to make your day. You cannot have excellent cooking unless you like cooking. This is a well-known recipe for youngsters, and we exclusively use ASMR in our films. There are many tomato recipes, but this one will be ready in 10 minutes for the whole family.

Directions of Making Fluffy Omelettes

Nothing is worse than an overdone omelette. It should be cooked until set but not browned, as  taste and texture of the egg decrease after it has been browned. Follow these procedures for consistently moist and fluffy omelettes.

Cutting Vegetables with love

At first place start cutting Vegetables for egg omelette. Starting from 1 Tomato I preferred round slices, then cut 1 Onion ( Small Size ) and finally chop Green Chilies.

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Beating eggs for Omelette Recipe

In a small bowl, whisk together 3 eggs and a teaspoon of salt until foamy. Now add vegetables which prepared in previous step

Heat a Pan

Melt 1Tsp Clarified  butter in a small pan over medium heat. When the butter is melted and bubbling, add the tomatoes and shallow fry them for a while. Now add a beaten eggs material we made and turn the heat down low.

Cover with Lid

Let the omelette be cooked for 5 - 10 minutes don’t forget to spread evenly before covering with plate or lid

Adding Cheese

Remove the lid from the Omelette and top with your preferred toppings and cheese. And it is ready Alhamdulillah.

Variatoin to Omelette Recipe (Optional)

An omelette is not only fast and easy to make, but it is also cheap. 

Leftover cooked veggies mixed with a little cheese and folded into eggs make a lot more joyful dinner than a bowl of vegetables reheated hastily in the microwave!

A French omelette begins with beaten eggs in a pan (just like scrambled eggs). During cooking, the pan is regularly agitated until the eggs barely begin to set. 

Alternatively It may be served plain or stuffed, with or without cheese. (An omelette with fines herbes is a well-known traditional French meal.) Before cooking, an array of chopped herbs is mixed into the eggs; no cheese is used.)

American omelettes (or “omelets,” as they are commonly spelled) start similarly, but as the eggs cook, the edges are lifted off the sides of the pan with a spatula to allow the runny eggs to pour below.

This is up to you how you want to serve Omelette Recipe in the end When the eggs are almost set, add the filling and fold the omelette in half rather than rolling it.

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